Writing Challenge

My sister and I was standing in the mist of cold snow. I saw a glowing light and headed towards it. I heard growling and knew that wolves were behind me but I kept walking forwards towards the light. Slowly, I made it to the light and it was a wooden cabin. I ran inside and started a fire in the fireplace hence the coldness. I went to sit on the couch in the room when I heard a growl. behind the couch was a wolf. My sister and i screamed loudly. “Ahhhhhhh!” The wolf whimpered and hid underneath the couch. Finally after My sister and I calmed down, we checked on the wolf to see what was happening and we noticed that it was as scared as we were of it. The wolf walked up to us and slowly but surely, it sat next to our legs. In shock we stood still but I went to pet the wolf, not scared of being attacked. The wolf was cautious but kind and licked my fingers.

I went to play with the wolf outside in the snow but my sister would not budge. She was terrified by the wolf. As she turned around to run away the wolf licked her hand. Her eyes softened and she bent down to pet the wolf. After a while we headed outside and played in the snow. Not all wolves are scary after all…

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