Writing challenge – Week 5

Dancing is my passion; I could never abandon it.

Today I went to my ballet class in an excited mood as I finally got to spend time with my best friend Maeve, however I wasn’t allowed to chat as we had to focus on ballet. Thirty minutes went by as I started to sweat because I worked hard in my dance lessons. After class, Maeve came to my house and at last we could spend time together and play around. We got changed for the next dancing class however after we got changed, we watched a movie. An hour passed as we drove to the dance studio. Today was my favourite lesson of the week, we had our troupe class. Finally I felt proper joy in me as I danced my heart out. We learned some new choreography and even though I felt tired, I didn’t stop dancing. Our new dance routine was about a magical scarf that interests everyone. Already I was proud of everyone working tirelessly to perfect the routine. 

After I went with Maeve to the shop “Kid’s stuff” and bought ice-cream. Then we had to part ways and say goodbye.